torsdag 17 december 2015

SOLD Harley Davidson VL 1200 1935 with sidecar SOLD

Most likely an old renovation, has been in the swedish register since 1975 and are well used after that. The engine has new cylinderliners recently and it runs well.

The Harley looks almost like it is an old original unrenovated bike so it is possible to use it like it is wich I would do. It is also possible to renovate it again as it won´t be an original paint job that will be ruined.

I have made a little trip on the Harley for about 40 km in -10 C and it worked ok.

After we cleaned the bike and it looked better then I expected. I filmed after the wash and you can see the movie at the link below. I have tried to film the damages on the paintjob. It is a little wet so it is probably more shiny then in real life.

After driving it I can give this verdict.

Was ok but I think it could be much better with an overhaul, it has been used a lot for many years. Engine sound nice but could probably be better with some carburation and ignition adjustment. Clutch is slipping at third gear, may be adjustable, gearbox works fine. Electrical seems to work a little intermittent, system worked three days ago but not today, the switch besides the ignition switch is said by the former owner to be working and not working, today it was not. I think I would fix this first, the wiring looks like it could be original.

Chassie is working ok, it feels very loose when it is just standing still and you shake the handlebars but when driving it works fine.

The paint job I think was made by a good painter long time ago, pinstriping is masked not by brush.

We can arrange delivery around the world.
 Price , this bike is now sold.

torsdag 26 november 2015

Sold Suzuki GT 250 1977 Sold

The Suzuki is in good original shape, small dent on the fueltank. Has only been used for about 15000 km since new, sweet runner.
Price 17500 skr

Suzukin är i bra originalskick, lite buckla på tanken. har rullat ca 1500 mil sen 1977, går bra.
Pris 17500 kr

onsdag 11 november 2015

SOLD Suzuki T250 1972 SOLD

This bike is sold
The Suzuki is in good original shape, chrome is not perfect, head light brackets are not in good shape, other will come with bike that is better but they have some cracks. Has been used for about 38000 km since new, sweet runner.
Price 17500 skr

Suzukin är i bra originalskick. Har rullat ca 3800 mil sen 1972, går bra. Kromet är inte perfekt, lykthållarna är i sämre skick, andra bättre följer med cykeln men de är inte heller perfekta.
Pris 17500 kr

söndag 20 september 2015

Sold!!! Metal Profiles Fork 35mm Sold!!!

 Unused Metal Profiles telefork 35 mm, lenght about 720mm.
This kind of fork was used on the factory Husqvarna ridden by Torsten Hallman and many others.
The fork pictured comes from an infinished Classic racer Project, I have no further info about it.
 Price, this fork is sold
Text is taken from internet. 
M.P. 675 Telefork. Suitable for 250c.c. to 500c.c.
Road Racing and Street Models
Specification:4.25" movement. 27" long
Weight 18lbs - Standard Model.

Trials and Moto Cross
Specification:6.75" movement. 31.5" long
Weight 20.5lbs - Standard Model.
For use under extreme conditions
A heavy duty linered inner leg can be supplied at additional cost

söndag 16 augusti 2015

Moto Guzzi Super Alce 500 cc 1954 THIS BIKE IS NOW SOLD

 Civilized Moto Guzzi Super Alce, was in the Italian army until 1974.
It runs well and has most likely not been used alot since it left the factory in 1954. There are original instruction book with this bike. You will need those instructions because this is not a normal bike, Moto Guzzi must have had their own way of thinking, many really special solutions on this model as central rear suspension, handlebar for the passenger, brake lever behind the footpeg , etc etc.
It has Swedish registration papers.
Can be delivered to Germany in September when I will deliver another bike.
Price 5900 euro

SOLD AP Lockheed CP 3086 SOLD

 One pair of AP Racing four pot calipers, they are like new and comes from a Harris Formula One bike. Pris 480 euro for the pair.
These calipers are now sold, will be used on an ex Tony Rutters Ducati TT2 bikes, that is a good place for those to be.


This bike is now sold
Unrestored speedway bike with JAP five stud Engine from 1947. I don´t know anythin about the frame but it could be from from the same period as the Engine. It has not been started but it will probable run if it gets a Little fuel and oil.

Best idea for me economically would be to sell it in parts but it would break not only the bike to do that, also my heart.
Rear fender and stay is new made as the old was missing, except for that it looks like it comes right of the track in 1957 after ten years of racing.

Price 3900 euro

fredag 14 augusti 2015

Bakker Suzuki GSX750R 1983/87 SOLD TO GERMANY

 The frame was sold by the Danish Bakker agent in 1983 and was first equipped with a GS750 Yoshimura Engine and Campagnolo Wheels, see Picture of the bike with original looks.
1987 or 88 it was rebuilt with GSXR750 Engine and PVM Wheels and it still runs with that setup.

Original fairing is missing, now it is a new Suzuki XR41 fairing. Seat is a copy of the original bakker model..

I have raced it only once but it is not for me, to fast and to good, I can´t take to the limits as with older bikes I race and I´m not really interrested in doing that with this bike. It needs a faster rider than me.
That is why we tried with another rider and Peter Lindén won the first race out with this bike against the top Scandinavian drivers and he did it with 750cc and treaded tyres against 1100-1200cc bikes with slick tyres.

The Bakker has had a big service, been taken to pieces and put together again.
I do not know much about the engine, it runs well and is fast and powerful. I have only serviced it, checking valves, oil changes and so on.
When I raced the Bakker once last year in Formula 80-87 it was as fast on the straights as the fastest bikes in Scandinavian and those are mostly 1000-1200cc. The low weight of 158 kg helps but it would not run with a 145 hp GSXR1100 if it wasn´t a good engine in it.
Carburators are Mikuni RS34 flatslides

The frame is made in aluminium and has frame number NB003 and I guess it is the third aluminium frame made by Nico Bakker but I don´t know fore sure. The frame is made of 5-6 parts that are bolted together.
Steerangle is adjustable.
Rear Ohlins shock has only been used for one weekend after service at the factory..

Front fork is 1988 43mm GSXR750, brake calipers are GSXR600 1999 but 1988 type calipers comes with the bike.
New ISR discs, only used one weekend.

This bike has always been a racebike, no registration documents.

Tested and ready for race.

Can arrange delivery in September for fuel and ferry costs , the Bakker is located in Sweden

Price 8900 Euro

torsdag 19 mars 2015

Sold Tomos D5 50cc racer Sold

This bike is now sold

See Pictures

Tomos 1962 or 63 D5 Production racer, frame and enginenumber 262

Tank and seat are not original and parts are missing like for example exhaust pipe and front brake lever.

Most likely to be the Tomos that won the first 50cc Swedish Championship 1965 but it is not verified.

Price 4500 euro or highest bid

måndag 2 februari 2015

SOLD Aermacchi Chimera 250 1963 Blue SOLD

This bike is sold, not available anymore.
 Aermacchi Chimera 250 1963
The bike has old finnish registration papers from the sixties.
I have started it and it sounds nice without any mechanical issues.
The bike is not in good shape, there are rust at rear fender and the front fender needs work. It is worn and will need a restoration, some parts are missing like complete silencer, rear brake pedal, rear light lens, ignition cover, steering damper and other small parts.
According to the odometer it has been used for about 90000 km
Price 2900 euro