söndag 20 november 2016

Rudge Multi Project

Unfinnished Rudge Multi 1911-1922 Project, all parts except engine is replicaparts made for about 25 years ago.
Parts included, frame, fork, stand, handlebar, rear rim with spokes.
Engine is in unkown state, number 11165.
Price 4500 euro

lördag 1 oktober 2016

SRM 500cc long track

 Engine SRM
In 1948 the SRM was designed by Folke Mannerstedt who also constructed the famous racing Husqvarna V-Twins Before the war.
The SRM had 3 hp more than the JAP, revved 500 rpm more and is 10 kilos lighter. The most famous SRM was used by norwegian champion Leif "Basse" Hveem in longtrack where he won almost everytime he raced against the Scandinavian elite.
Engine is totally renovated and ready to start with some work with Cables, hoses  etc.
Exhaust pipe is missing

Gearbox Drott Two speed
Clutch Norton

This bike is built in Sweden, Engine has been used by a famous finnish driver.
 The bike will need some work if you want to race it but all the expensive parts are there.
 Price 9900 euro
Can deliver the bike for a reasonable price.

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

Kawasaki KX 125 1974

 Kawasaki KX 125 1974-76 cylinder, new never used.
 Exhaust flange included , Pris 290 euro
 Shop manual KX 125 1974, nice example without damages, price 30 euro

Suzuki RM 125 S 1975

This is the first RM model that Suzuki made, or maybe the second as the first RM125 1975 was so slow that the factory almost immidiately put out the S-model with upgraded ignition, handmade pipe and revised cylinderporting and the bike was a flyer.
There were not many sold over the World and in Sweden there were ten bikes imported by a private dealer. This is most likely one of those and it is a rare model.
The Suzuki works and I have ridden on it but it would need a complete restoration to make it self justice.
Price 1350 euro

Dunstall Double Disc Fork

 The fork and calipers and wheel is in good working order. The inner pipes are longer then normal and will most likely need to be shortened if they are used on a Cafe Racer. Fork leg diameter is 36 mm and I believe the triple clamps are Kawasaki but he fork was attached to a Triumph Trident Before dismantling.
 I have seen a kit with only down tubes and a hub sell at Ebay for about 1350 Pounds and thso weren´t in good shape. Price for this complete fork with complete wheel with discs and 19x1,60" flanged rim is 1390 euro.

söndag 14 augusti 2016

SRM Speedway engine

SRM Speedway Engine built from NOS parts and completed with new made parts from original pattern by well known Husqvarna V-Twin replica fabricator Gösta Svensson.
The Engine has never been started.
SRM stands for Svensk (Swedish) Racer Motor and they were constructed by Folke Mannerstedt made in small numbers in the late forties. The use of magnesium made the engine very light, about 10 kilos less than the JAP speedway Engine but it was a bit fragile. Norwegian driver and tuner Basse Hveem was probably the most successful user and took many victorys in Scandinavian Long track races with his SRM, he was called the "King of Solvalla" after numerous wins at the biggest race in Sweden.
It is equipped with a BTH magneto, carburator is missing.
Price Engine 6900 euro

Drott Long Track or Ice Racing 2 speed gearbox, NOS, never used, 950 euro, the Drott gearbox is sold, no longer available.

Poster Anderstorp

 Posters for World Championship races at Anderstorp and European Championship at Karlskoga
 New posters, never been used
Price 8 euro each

American Triumph 500 cc race engine

  The facts known about this engine is that it came to Sweden for over 30 years ago from an american dealer of used motorcycles and parts. I have done some research and have with help from the well known Triumph expert Claudio Sintich got this info.

T100SC H36489 was built on 25th September 1964 and dispatched to Johnson Motors, Pasadena, USA on 27th September 1964.
This is a 1965 model year machine and in a large batch of T100SC bikes for America. There are no special interest notes in the factory record for this bike separately now. This probably means that your engine was prepared for racing by Johnson motors and used for dirttrack.

This engine looks more "works" than Triumphs own works engines. It has welded inlets and also a welded reinforcement around the gearbox. It has some kind of surface treatment that are almost black. The double breathers are rarely seen.  The engine is missing some minor parts but will need an major overhaul. 
Price 2900 euro as seen on pictures

Peckett & McNab Suzuki 1979

Peckett & McNab Suzuki

 Raceproven bike, 18 races, 2 thirds, 1 second, 14 wins and one DNF because of riders mistake.

Frame is from 1979 with framenumber 93, it is road registered in Sweden and was sold new 1981. It is possible to use this bike on public roads.

Fork is original Marzzochi 38mm

Rear shocks Öhlins

Wheels Dymag, it will be sold with front wheel in same color as rear wheel, the black is not original and not mine.

Brakes Lockheed, also original rear Lockheed will come with the bike, now is a small Brembo rear.

ISR 320mm front discs

Engine is a tuned Suzuki GS 1000 E

It was built for this season and runs very well, 114 rear wheel horsepower was dynoed in May but it is a little bit more powerful now as it has done some more miles. Well known Swedish racer Peter Lindén compared it with an animal and said it was more powerful than the Phase One Kawasakis he has ridden for many years.

Bottom of engine is stock with balanced, straightened and welded crank.

Piston is 10,25 73mm Wiseco, cylinder from GS1100 wich has thicker sleves, 1085cc.

Camshafts Vance & Hines, lift about 10,5 mm

Kibblewhite shim under bucket lifters, titanium retainers, race valve springs.

Cylinder head is ported by well known tuner.

HPI ignition, no battery needed.

Mikuni RS33 smoothbore .

4-2-1 exhausts

The engine is built for reliability, with more compression, other camshafts, 4-1 and bigger carbs it would give a lot more power.

It will be sold with some spares as extra handlebars, pegs, brake and clutch levers, oil cooler.

Reason for sale is new projects, this one is finished for me. I could make it faster and a little lighter but I can´t see any point in that as it already is winning races with ease.

The bike is race ready. It can be used in sprint races, endurance if lights are mounted or as a very special road bike.

Price 12 000 euro.

tisdag 2 februari 2016

Aermacchi Chimera 250 1963 Grey

 Aermacchi Chimera 250 1963
The bike has swedish registration and is in working order.
The Engine has a new conrod and was checked when it was in pieces by well known Aermacchi specialist. I have started it and it sounds nice without any mechanical issues.
There is a dent at the the tank on the right front side otherwise it seems to be in good shape.
According to the odometer it has been used for about 31000 km
Price 5500 euro